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From Pescara to Twin Peaks !

by Piero Iezzi

I know Luca for years. Since we were school mate, Pescara Art High School, but we were not in the same class. When I saw his name in the Twin Peaks cast list I was speechless. A guy I know in the cast of my favorite series? Surreal! So I contacted Luca asking if we could have an interview about the new season. We met at a Bathhouse near our dear Artistic High School. As I got there I saw him playing basketball with some guys. After the greetings we started the interview. Here it is!

Q:How did your movie experience begin?
L: I started in Chieti, in the Marrucino Theater. I worked for a while as a model in Milan but I didn’t enjoy the environment around so I left off. Then I studied acting in Rome at the academy of Giancarlo Giannini. Later I moved to the United States, in 2005, I studied at the Strasberg Actor Studio doing several castings. I worked as a stunt doing Leonardo Di Caprio’s double in Gangs of New York. I have a diploma in "Engineering 3D model", I worked for Dreamwork, Marvel, commercial agencies etc.

Q: How did you get involved in the Twin Peaks project?
L: My manager proposed me to the casting director. In the US, managers or agents give actors the chance to be casted and to meet directors. It's really very rare to be taken in a cast without them.
I learned I was doing a test for Twin Peaks when I found myself in front of David Lynch. On my contract is written "Rancho Rosa Production", with its logo. He did not say anything about Twin Peaks.

Q: How was the meeting with Lynch?
L: Exciting. It took only a few minutes. She watched me from head to toe. He only wanted to see how I handled the rifle doing the "bad boy" and at the end he said I was good for the role. He's very special as a director. He's not my favorite but he's a movie "monster". David Lynch gave me a tremendous chance.

Q: Did you already know Twin Peaks? Have you watched the original series in the 90s?
L: No, never. I was terrified by Sarah Palmer! I watch the new season at home in the USA every Sunday on Showtime.

Q: Did you have a script for the part?
L: They sent everything by e-mail: the shooting schedule, the timetables and everything else. I'm a biker, Irish gangster. And they also put on me a fake belly!

Q: Have you signed the famous contract for secrecy on the whole project?
L: Certainly. It was all Top Secret! Even on the set nobody ever said the name"Twin Peaks". I made a shocking mistake: I posted on Facebook the new that I was on the Twin Peaks set. I had signed the contract but did not read it entirely because we were in a hurry, with the costumers, the make-up and everything else. Luckily they were kind to me. I received hundreds of emails from people around the world who were part of Twin Peaks blogs who asked me questions about the series. They even wanted to give me money for information and spoilers on the series. It was all really surreal.

Q: How many days did the shooting last? Where was the location?
L: Five days of shooting, including a full day for makeup, costumes, trials, photos, and so on. We started at 7am, all day long. The location was in Los Angeles, downtown, in an abandoned warehouse. A bad place. We were not in South Dakota.

Q: How was working with Kyle MacLachlan, Mr. C?
L: A beautiful experience. Especially the first day of shooting. Kyle was very nice and handsome. He talked and joked with everyone on the set. He was the real star! Very professional. Mac Lachlan is a name in Hollywood.

Q: Any funny moment on the set?
L: We had to shoot the scene of Cooper in the elevator a lot of times. The door often did not open! The Iron Arms scene was also very fun, with two go-pro cameras at the same time on Cooper and Renzo. The face of Renzo (Derek Mears) bloody after the punch in the face was basically a real-life model! Unfortunately phones, cameras were not allowed on the set. I couldn’t take any photo.

Q: Did you keep any original prop?
I only kept the metalhead bracelet.

Q: Do you remember if there were scenes that were not ended in the final cut?
L: I do not remember but I think so.

Q: Future Projects?
I love to travel and work. I write stories, I make Storyboard. I would like to become an affirmed international actor. After the oscar, my dream is to bring Pescara to Rome's level of cinema. I founded my own Production, the DMC Entertainment, and at the end of September we will be making a short film about a story, set after the Second World War, on film, nothing digital. Then I'll give you all the details!

Thank you Luca for your time and best wishes for your success!

This is Lucas's IMDb link:

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